The Journey

Erica lives in Colorado, is married to an amazing man and wonderful husband, and they have 3 lovable, cuddle-able dogs.

Erica lives in Colorado, is married to an amazing man and wonderful husband, and they have 3 lovable, cuddle-able dogs.

Cafe Earth owner and creator, Erica Buelow is a vessel overflowing with ideas, creative vision, unabated faith, and the willingness to work diligently. She is an entrepreneur in spirit, interior designer by vocation, devoted student of life, and doer of just about anything she can dream up. Most importantly, Erica is grateful everyday for the opportunity to live for a purpose, love as we are called to, and run her race with determination.

Erica, who has been in the interior design profession for 25 years, switched gears in 2014 to slow down a bit, take in the beauty of life around her, deepen her important relationships, and center herself on creating something from the gifts of the earth that help nurture and heal, which of course look and smell wonderful too!

Cafe Earth is the culmination of years dealing with personal intolerance and allergies to what we ingest and apply to our bodies on a regular basis. Out of necessity came the passion to take a hard look at what makes up the products that are marketed as effective and we trust to be safe. Through dissecting ingredients labels, documenting her own and others reactions to many common ingredients, and investigative study she realized many products are filled with harmful chemicals and the growing number of health issues relate back to what we put in and on our bodies.

After years of research and development, Erica launched her first two collections in November of 2015. Cafe Earth, which is made up of 7 collections, provides sophisticated and healthy home and personal care products that are distinctly fragranced, beautifully designed, and inspired by nature. Candles are clean burning and safe, and personal care items are all natural with no synthetic or harmful ingredients. She formulates all of the scents, creates the recipes, and pours all the products in small batches by hand in beautiful Colorado. Cafe Earth products are never tested on animals and are created with sustainability, responsibility, and respect to healthy growing, harvesting, and living.

Erica's creative nature comes out in planning, branding, and packaging her products. Typically, she decides on the name of each product line and scent then goes about creating the essence of the name. For example, in her Roots Collection, a somewhat masculine line, she thought up scent names such as Cut Lumber, Tilled Earth, Tamped Tobacco, and Worn Leather then formulated the qualities into scents that are authentic and appealing. She does this with each of her collections and all of the product lines within those individual collections. Currently, her offerings include clean burning soy candles in varying sizes, soy wax blocks for wax melters, all natural lip and gent balms, soaps, lotions, body scrubs, bath salts, balms, oils for face and body, and essential oil blends in sprays and rollers.

Three of the 7 collections have launched, Roots, Reminisce, and Elemental, with 2 others in development and production (Sentient and Lux). Please see the Collections page for more information on all of the available and upcoming products. Erica is always working on the many ideas stirring about in her mind and she can't wait to share the creations with you.

Erica would love to meet you in person too! Please come and visit her at the local markets she participates in throughout the year. If you would like a more exclusive experience, email her at or use the contact tab here or at the bottom of any page to inquire about in-home product parties! These are small gatherings of friends, co-workers, and family members for a personal demonstration and the ability to try and buy any and all of the products available. There are absolutely no commitments, no distributorships (this is not a multi level marketing company), or solicitations to provide personal information. Just come, have fun and experience the items in a more private setting. And, if you host the party, you receive free products as a thank you for the time and effort it takes to open your home up for others. Sounds like a perfect, no pressure party, right? She can't wait to hear from you!

Though she loves meeting her customers and potential customers in person, Erica realizes it isn't always convenient. She is continually pursuing retail stores, spas, hotels, and other venues to bring you the Cafe Earth products you love. The list of merchants and markets is always growing. Please see the Storefronts + Markets page for location information!

Inspired by the gifts given to us in nature and an affinity for things that look and smell wonderful, Cafe Earth is sure to soothe and entice you inside and out.  Cafe Earth.  Luxurious, Naturally...


Colorado Collective Volume 3:
The Story and Scents of Cafe Earth

Cafe Earth

Luxurious, Naturally...

Always hand poured in Colorado, unceasingly inspired by nature, and passionate about healthy, pampering nourishment that is respectful and beneficial.


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